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Community Council Meeting Notes December 6, 2023

West Weber Elementary Community Council Minutes

Date: Wednesday December 6, 2023 4:00pm
Council Members Present: 
Cayley Holmes Kristin Scheer Josh Harper
Brandi Noble Shay Trappett
Council Members Excused:
Laura Wright Kirk Porter Shae Peterson Jake Peterson
Presiding: Kristin Sheer (Chair)
Minutes Created by: Brandi Noble (Vice-Chair)

Review of Previous Meeting Notes
Technology Presentation – Monica Widdison
Monica presented data from the school district on how they keep students safe from content and
protect student data; specific apps and websites that are allowed/disallowed; social media that is
allowed/disallowed; how the student WSD account is monitored and additional resources for
It was suggested that West Weber get this information to parents during White Ribbon Week
(usually end of March/beginning of April). General consensus is that parents would prefer an
email with a link to a presentation/video rather than an in person event.
Set meeting dates for the year
 Data Review and Preliminary Plan Formation – 01/31/2024
 Finalize Plan – 03/06/2024
 TBA May meeting to go over end of year data