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Community Council Meeting Notes October 18, 2023

West Weber Elementary Community Council Minutes


Date: Wednesday October 18, 2023 4:00pm


Council Members Present: 

Laura Wright Cayley Holmes Kristin Scheer Jake Peterson

Brandi Noble Shay Peterson Josh Harper


Council Members Excused:

Kirk Porter Shae Peterson


Presiding: Laura Wright (Principal)

Minutes Created by: Brandi Noble (member)





  • All attending introduced themselves by name and role (Principal/School/Parent)


Purpose of Community Council

  • Laura Wright played the video explaining the duties and responsibility of the Community Council
  • Additional explanations were given as the Council applies to West Weber and questions were taken to clarify.
  • The duties of Chair and Co-chair were discussed before taking nominations.


Election of Chair and Co-Chair

  • Brandi Noble nominated Kristin Scheer for Chair, Jake Peterson seconded the nomination and a vote was taken.  Kristin Scheer was unanimously approved as Chair.
  • Jake Peterson nominated Brandi Noble for Vice-chair, Cayley Holmes seconded the nomination and a vote was taken.  Brandi Noble was unanimously approved as Vice-chair.


Review of Current Plan

  • Land Trust funds allocated to West Weber for 2023-2024 are $80,501
    • Those funds will support the goal of a) 60% of 1st-3rd grade students achieving a Pathway of Progress score that indicates typical or above growth from BOY to EOY based on the Acadience Reading assessment, and b) 4th – 6th grade will increase Student Growth Percentages by 4% based on the RISE assessment. 
    • The goals will be achieved by using aides to support students and staff, targeted continuing education for teachers and the use of technology in the classrooms.


Rules and Order of Procedure Document

  • Laura Wright will send a copy of the current Rules and Order of Procedure for the council to review 
  • Particular attention will be given to voting procedures, council size and addressing council members that do not attend or participate in council meetings


Set meeting dates for the year

  • Tech Meeting – 12/06/2023
  • Data Review and Preliminary Plan Formation – 01/31/2024
  • Finalize Plan – 03/06/2024
    • Decide at this meeting if a May meeting is needed
    • End of year testing is completed May 10