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Community Council Meeting Minutes March 6, 2024

West Weber Elementary Community Council Minutes

Date: Wednesday March 6, 2024 4:00pm
Council Members Present: 
Laura Wright Cayley Holmes Kristin Scheer Brandi Noble
Shay Trappett Kirk Porter Josh Harper
Council Members Excused:
Jake Peterson Shae Peterson
Presiding: Kristin Sheer (Chair)
Minutes Created by: Brandi Noble (Vice-Chair)

Review of Previous Meeting Notes
Tech Presentation Information
Laura gave an update on the request to make the Tech/Digital Citizenship presentation available
to parents. Monica Widdison has not been able to record her presentation, but she did create a
Google document with a summary with the information provided.
We discussed the best way to get that link to parents. It was decided that a Remind text with the
link will be sent with an explanation of what Digital Citizenship is. The Parent Group will post
on the Facebook group as well.
Review of the budget for 2023-2024
The Council reviewed the spending year to date for the 2023-2024 plan. Current spending:
$16,000 – Chromebooks lease
$ 4,800 – Copying, printing and laminating of materials and reports to support the goals
$ 3,500 – Continuing Education for 5 th grade teachers and Cayley Holmes
$ 560 – Art Supplies
$23,300 – Aides and Substitutes for reading paraprofessionals and teacher collaboration time
Current spending and anticipated remaining expenditures are all within budget. There is no
concern that there will be spending over the budget and there is an anticipated carryover of about
$1,200 to 2024-2025.
Discussion of the Plan for 2024-2025
There is an $11,000 increase in funding for 2024-2025 due to the increase in student population.
The entire increase is allocated to Aides/Subs. The new plan increases technology spending by
$6,000 and decreases continuing education $6,000 to meet the cost of replacing aging devices
and Chromebooks needed for the new students.
The attending Council members voted to accept the proposed plan. The proposal was sent
electronically to the excused Council members to review and vote.
 Next meeting: Finalize Plan 05/15/2024