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Community Council Meeting Minutes September 21, 2022

Community Council Agenda September 21, 2022

1-Welcome and Introductions


2-Community Council Video 


3-Nominations and voting for School Community Council Positions


4-Adopt Rules and Order of Procedure


5-Review of current plan


6-Set Meeting Dates for the year

All meetings begin at 4:00 pm in Community Room or via Google Meet if needed by members


Meeting Minutes

Mr. Lum

Aimee Csillas

Arika Higley


Review of community council purpose through a video. 


Kristen Schher elected chair

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;,"type":"person"}">Cayley Holmes elected vice chair

Voted to adopt rules and order of procedures

Review of current Plan. Feedback given on House system by parents. More information to be sent out regarding what is taught each month

Ron Clark0be cautious of the teacher enthusiasm transition for kids before conference and after the conference.

Professional development with teachers for discussing what principles we are bringing back and how we are utilizing the ideas learned. 

Meeting dates for the year

November 16
Jan 25

March 1

May 3