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Minutes: May 4, 2022

West Weber Community Council Minutes

May 4, 2022

Welcome & Attendance: Guests-Dave Hales, Mary Jo Williams, Kristen Kearl, Mindy Lambert and Laura Wright.

Cayley Holmes, Jake Peterson, Shae Peterson, Joanne Hobbs

Boundary Discussion: Dave Hales & Mary Jo Williams shared a blueprint of the proposed area along 1800 South.  This will potentially generate 70 students over time.  The final decision will be made during June board mtg by the WSD school board.  The area would eventually be added into West Weber boundaries anyway.  The urgency for the time being would be to help alleviate growth at Kanesville Elem until the new Taylor school is built.

Introduction of New Principal: Laura Wright

Data Update:  Cayley shared that we are not quite done with the Acadience testing but so far our growth has been very encouraging.

Membership: Openings for new members and voting will take place in the fall.