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Community Council Notes January 25, 2023

Community Council Agenda January 25, 2023



2-Review of previous minutes


3-Budget information


4-Discussion of new plan moving forward


November 16

January 25

March 1

May 3


All meetings begin at 4:00 pm in Community Room or via Google Meet if needed by members


Discussion for 23-24 financial plan and reviewed teacher survey for monies spent
Current budget update on aides, pd, tech, art/copies, repair and maintenance

Goal 1 and 2-data reviewed for allocation funds
Reivew of teachers survey to continue funding for chromebooks
87% of teachers want to balance PD and Smart Board updates
100% of teachers want to continue using aides for intervention
91% want to continue with art aide
100% teachers want to continue tech funding
Additional feedback given to look at providing a computer aide during weekly PLC rotations
Discussion of PD and sending teachers to Solution Tree to training 
Council feeback was to use monies towards PD for PLC this upcoming year
Meet again on March 1st to finalize the plan