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Minutes - January 6, 2016


Community Council Meeting Today


3:30 Conference Room

Attendees: Shellie Strahan – Parent chair; Cathy Wall – Teacher vice chair; Debbie Draper – parent, Erin Holley – Parent; Jenni Nelson – Teacher

Absent: Todd Taylor - Parent


  1. Possible appointee for WWE Council due to vacancy – Discussed Katie Nipko as a possible appointee.
    1. Motion made by Erin Holley / second by Debbie Draper.
      1. Voted all in favor / none opposed
  1. Previously supported items from Trustland budget:
    1. Reading Intervention: Julie Clark – reading specialist:
      1. Explained interventions available.
      2. Talked about how the aide time is used for the reading program.
  2. Computer hardware and software: Cathy Wall – webmaster / computer specialist:
    1. Discussed hardware purchased and leased through trustland funds – 35 Chromebooks leased / 30 Chromebooks purchased / two carts purchased / 20 iPads purchased / applicable apps
    2. Discussed the inservice conducted by Mrs. Wall to facilitate better use of available technology.
  1. Possible expenditure considerations
    1. Math Intervention: Jenni Nelson – math specialist
      1. Discussed possible math interventions such as the ALEKS program that has been in used.
      2. Could be a possible budget item if funding is disbanded by the school district
      3. Could use a few extra manipulatives in the math manipulative library.
  1. February Meeting Agenda:
    1. Draft 2016-17 Plan
  1. March Meeting Agenda:
    1. Finalize 2016-17 plan


Adjourned 4:15 pm