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              Monthly School Calendar

Principal: Laura Wright
Secretary: Hadley Rogers
Office Aide: Kara Bell  
K Kindergarten
Kate Lewis
Katie Peterson
1 1st Grade
Nikki Hill
Amy Burres
Clancy Rhees
2a                            2nd Grade
Heather Ballard
Shayla Dahl
Shannon Hawks
Mindy Hales
Melissa Vanderstappen
3a 3rd Grade
Suzanne Nopper
Cathy Wall
Rachel Shelley
4 4th Grade
Brooke Anderton
Ethan Martin
Stacey Thinnes    
5 5th Grade
Marci Smith   
Camille Lund
Kirk Porter
Olivia Trudeau
6 6th Grade
Shellie Drake
Jennifer Nelson    
Alicia Coats
Special Education:
Christy Williams
Jami Pearson
April Saunders (aide)
Reading Specialist:
Cayley Holmes
Lori Petterson
Teesha Madsen
Malauna Anderson
Natalie Hadley-Counselor Aide
Mental Health-Ruth Taylor
Kelson Mayes
Media Specialist:
Cindy LaRose  
Marie Kennedy
Rose Ricks
Natalie Shufelt
LaNae Hayes
Julie Hipwell
Angela Mann
Leslie Hanson (Art)
Katy Blakeley
Diana Knight
Bailei Smith
PE Specialist:
Behavior Unit:

Bailei Smith-Aide 

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