Minutes-December 2017

Community Council Minutes

Dec.13, 2017

Attendees: Johanna Thorsen, Chris Whetton, Michael Fazzio, Cathy Wall, Scott Slater, Erin Holley

Welcome and summary of last meeting: Johanna

Fazzio: Last year Report rundown acknowledging that both goals were achieved with 100%, and money was spent and allocated exactly as it was written in plan.  

Review of this year's plan: Art during PLC rotation, beginning of year assessment administered, with report provided to council members.  Two more assessments will be given throughout the year to check for growth.

Notice of when new plan is due to district and what will happen from there.

Discussed numbers for upcoming school year.  Want to continue to take 4-6 teachers a year to the Ron Clark Academy over the next 5 years. 

General Supplies, Art Aid, Ron Clark Training, STEAM training and supplies were all part of discussion as to what is needed to include in new plan.

Motion to Adjour: Johanna

2nd Chris