Minutes-February 2017

Community Council 2/8/17

Members Present: Katie Nipko, Erin Holley, Todd Taylor, Cathy Wall, Mike Fazzio

Start: Katie, review of last meeting notes (minutes) and agenda

Mike: review of HB that will bringing more $ to Trustland.  And timeline to have next year's Trustland's Plan turned in.  (March 10, 2017)

As a whole:

Discussed possible ways to spend the increase to Trustlands. (teacher trainings, technology, Americor person change to reading aide)  What goals should be put in place as a school and how do we want to measure them?  (STEM program a possibility, Sage Benchmark Tests....only applies to upper grades)

Original purposal to amend budget no longer needed because $ needed for teacher training will not be needed until next year, so it will be written into next year's plan instead. Earmark that money to use it in the fall.

Some Trustland money was used to replace headphone in the computer lab (part of current year's budget, just noting how it was spent specifically)

Next meeting on the second Wednesday, March 8 at 3:30 PM

Motion to adjourn: Cathy

Second: Erin Holley