Minutes - January 2017

11 January 2017

Community Council notes

Attendees: Kattie Nipko (Chair), parent; Cathy Wall (Co-Chair), faculty; Erin Holley, parent; Michael Fazzio, Principal
Excused: Debbie Draper, parent; Todd Taylor, parent


Review of last meeting notes. Discussion of the Ron Clark Academy and how Kattie talked about it with other members of the community for their input.

Positive sentiments from those she talked to.

Mr. Fazzio talked about looking up funding through American Express, somewhat restrictive

Talked about raising money through the community, If we can raise $10,000 the foundation will match the funds for STEM projects.  He has raised $5,500 so far

Erin Holley wanted more information on who would go to the RCA the first year.  Where will the other money from the $10,000 go

Discussion of school board policy 4571:

ELEMENTARY FUND RAISING Fund raising is a necessary function at the elementary school level. It is not legal in the state of Utah to charge mandatory fees in grades K-6.


A. Community Fund Raising 1. A maximum of 2 community fund raisers per school each school year will be allowed, e.g.: a. candy sales b. wrapping paper sales

B. In-school Projects/Products 1. In-school fund raisers will be limited to one (1) per school quarter. Projects that are not fund raisers but curricular in nature, e.g., young authors fair, mountain man rendezvous, art festivals, etc., will not be restricted but administrative discretion as to frequency and calendaring is advised. Examples: a. book fair b. t-shirts, sweat shirts (school logo) c. carnivals d. pictures

C. Charitable Programs 1. Charitable fund raisers will be limited to one (1) per school year. Information concerning other community drives may be made available to the students at the discretion of the building principal. Fliers should not be handed out to each student but be placed in a central location within the building where interested students could pick them up. Student involvement would be based on parent and student interest and would not be coordinated or controlled by the school. Examples: a. Sub for Santa b. March of Dimes

D. Other - Grade or Class Projects (In-school) There will be a limit of one (1) grade or class activity at each grade level per school year. Examples: a. Class projects - aluminum cans, etc. b. Grade projects - economics fair, etc. Elementary students must not be involved in selling door to door. The building principal must approve all fund raising proposals. Building principals are encouraged to carefully evaluate the quality and effectiveness of fund raisers. Objectives for each school fund raiser should be available for all interested patrons before the project begins.


Discussion of what Leadership team is working on in regards to the school wide behavior plan.

Discussion on iPad vs Chromebook

Life expectancy and district support

Discussion on SAGE testing and math adoption

Next meeting will be held on the 2nd Wed of month, Feb 8th

Motion to adjourn: Cathy Wall

Second: Erin Holley