Minutes - December 2016

West Weber Community Council Meeting Minutes

7 December 2016


Attendees: Kattie Nipko (Chair), parent; Cathy Wall (Co-Chair), faculty; Debbie Draper, parent; Michael Fazzio, Principal

Excused: Erin Holley, parent; Todd Taylor, parent


Convened: 7 December 2016 3:30 p.m.


Welcome members, Introductions, Review Positions and Roles

Review 2015-2016 Final Report

Discussed last year’s plan & deficits

Review 2016-2017(current year) LAND Trust plan

Discussion on the rigor of goals set
Possible Amendments to plan discussed

Discussion on what things need to go into next school year’s plan

More detailed, higher achievement levels for students

Discussion of teachers attending professional development to enhance their skills

Video clip of Ron Clark Academy in GA

Possible reallocation of funds in LAND Trust plan to cover professional development

All who were in attendance were in agreement

Debbie Draper mentioned applying for funding/grants through American Express and JetBlue- further discussion in future


Adjourned 4:50 p.m.

Next Meeting: 11 January 2017